Federico Calogero was born in Messina in 1994. After a few years as self-taught, in 2020 he won one of the scholarships for the degree course in Visual Arts at the European Institute of Design in Rome. His narrative has always been based on memory and on the many nuances of the human condition, concentrating his work on the creation of personal diaries in which he portrays people and places intertwining them with his personal emotional research. In 2021 he was among the selected students of the Canon Student Program, under the tutoring of Guia Besana he completed the first dummy of "Senza memoria , senza sentimento", an artist's book that tries to visually represent his perception of memory. In April 2022, "without memory, without feeling" is part of the nominees of the eighth edition of the Fine Art Photography Awards in the Conceptual category and is exhibited at the Exante Galleria in Messina.

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Federico Calogero (IED Roma)

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